What Is Ketogenic Diet? How Does Ketogenic Diet Plan Works?

A ketogenic diet is a new trend and for all the right reasons! While a ketogenic diet may seem to be following something new, in reality, this is a very natural process that can take place inside the body when you are starving.

Ketogenic Diet India

However, when you are following this type of diet, the starvation part is being replaced by low carbohydrates diet and a good amount of fats to keep the balance. As a result, while the amount of carbohydrate level in the body becomes low, for the energy and support, the stored fats come into action.

Knowing The Process In Details

While everything may sound to be a bit confusing affair, it is not so. Once you get an idea of the entire process of ketosis, you can have your own conclusions then.

Well, when an individual is following a keto diet, and due to the low carbohydrate intake, the liver starts supporting the body by producing ketones.

On the other hand, in the case of a normal diet, the following things happen inside the body. The high carb diet produces insulin and glucose inside the body, and they have their own set of functions.

While glucose acts as an energy source due to its easiest convertible form inside the body, the insulin rather helps in processing the glucose molecules to reach the bloodstream and circulate it inside the body.

Now, in the above two situations, in either way, the glucose is getting utilized, and the stored fats don’t have a role here. But when you cut the intake of carbs, your body gets induced to go into a state of ketosis, thus utilizing the fats and providing energy to the cells.

The best thing about a human body is its metabolism process. The body can adjust according to the changes. Hence, with a keto diet, the body ultimately gets into a state of ketosis.

While it is essential for losing unwanted calories, with this diet plan it is completely possible. But care should be taken so that the body has a balanced ketone level. The whole process of ketosis is not that tough to follow, and for the energy source, even if you are cutting down the carbohydrate intake, the high-fat diet will support your body to function normally.

It is not unusual to notice changes in your strength and energy when you go on a keto diet. But this diet routine has got some benefits that also cannot be ignored. To play it safe, seeking expert advice before starting the keto diet will be extremely helpful.

Types Of Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is not all about losing fats; it can also be the reverse case. That’s right! Even if you want to add some extra fats, you can also achieve this feat. How? Read on to know how different types of ketogenic diet acts differently

  • Standard Ketogenic diet- As the name indicates, this is the most common type of diets that people follow. The process is simple here- with a combination of low carb and high-fat Mainly intended to losing weight!
  • Targeted Ketogenic Diet: The eating pattern is similar but with an exception. Unlike the standard ketogenic diet, right before hitting the gym, the individual will have a meal consisting of carbohydrate that can be broken down very easily
  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet: This diet plan is appropriate for professionals- such as bodybuilders and similar participants. The exception here is the carbohydrate intake for a day in the week so that the body can have some storage of glycogen

One can go for the different types of keto diet based on the target that they want to achieve. However, when the body is in ketosis, certain change happens inside the body. Let’s take a look here!

Keto Diet

How does Keto Diet work?

Even when with the low carbohydrate intake, the body will still use the glucose in the initial stage. Once the level of glucose ends, the body reaches the state of ketosis.

So, when you are not eating anything, which is possible while you are sleeping, the body burns the fats and keeps on producing ketones. Along with the ketones, fatty acids and also glycerol is produced in the liver.  However, this gets burned as a result of the process known as beta-oxidation. As a result of this process, the end product that is produced is the ketones.

As a part of body’s natural process, the brain cell uses the fatty acids when there is low carb intake. Right at this moment, when the body gets devoid of glucose, the process of ketosis starts right there, and as a result, the fats are utilized for providing energy.

Well, if the studies are to be believed, it is seen that the brain works 70% more efficiently when on ketosis. Thus, in a way, it can be said that the human body works in a better way when on a keto diet. Here it is for your help https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18845187

Now, when the fatty acid is broken down in the liver, as a result of ketogenesis, acetoacetate is formed. Acetoacetate is a type of ketone produced inside the body. This ketone is then further broken down into two different types, such as-

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB): BHB acts as a fuel for the brain. So, the conversion from acetoacetate to BHB is the first thing that the muscles do
  • Acetone: Although Acetone is also produced, most of the times it is excreted out. However, to find out whether Acetone is being produced or not, the individual can take a breath test. Acetone has got a very distinctive smell, and during the first few days of being on a keto diet, you are expected to have bad breath. However, this smell gradually vanishes as, over the period, Acetone production gets reduced
  • Glycerol: With the help of a process called gluconeogenesis, the conversion of glucose from glycerol takes place

While a lot is being said about following its diet and every single process has its pros and cons, what’s interesting here to note is that the human body actually requires a very low amount of carbohydrate but production of glucose is a necessity again. So, while on this diet, while you can lessen the intake of carbs, the liver will function wisely to produce sufficient amount of glucose for the body to function normally.